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EMI SEPAME has carried out its duties for more than 35 years in the Industrial data processing, electronic and automatism fields.
It is also a training organisation.

EMI-SEPAME's skills are divided into four activities:

  • Meteorology/Environmental monitoring: In the meteorology field, we have a broad expertise for the development, supply, installation and maintenance of monitoring system. These systems are interfaced with all types of communications with database servers or any other system.
  • Control and command systems: We are responsible for study, realization and supply as well as installation and maintenance of complete systems in industrial computing and electronics fields. Our engineers and technicians teams possess great technical skills regarding software development and industrial automatisms, by integrating reference materials such as National Instruments material which we are partners with.
  • Test bench: We provide design, integration and manufacturing of your test equipment through our test benches pole. Our experience in this sector allows us to develop test benches in a Research and Development context as well as in a lines production context.
  • Obsolescence and maintenance management: EMI-SEPAME has provided maintenance services for more than 25 years in environmental monitoring and for control and command systems. For example, EMI-SEPAME ensures all French nuclear weather stations' maintenance.

Heavily involved in the nuclear sector where discipline, method and control technologies have been popular for many years, EMI SEPAME has implemented a Quality Assurance system certified by EDF, based on the ISO 9001 specifications and on other specifications related to this field. In other sectors (energy, rail, environment, industrial control, …), EMI SEPAME can give complete satisfaction to its customers by adopting a co-contractor approach and by performing technical management adapted to the project's size.

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